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Download scads of new meshes for The Sims? Hate the fact that nearly all of the filenames are too long for use on the Macintosh? SkinShrinker is a free drag-and-drop utility that will rename mesh (CMX and SKN) and texture (BMP) files for you, including “buyable outfits” for the Hot Date and Vacation expansion packs.

using SkinShrinker

Batch rename those new Sim outfits with SkinShrinker. Just create a new folder, place your newly downloaded skin folders in it, and drop the folder onto SkinShrinker’s icon in the Finder.

drag-and-drop a folder

how SkinShrinker works

SkinShrinker looks inside CMX files and checks the names of the referenced SKN files. If any need changing it locates and renames them. Then it edits the CMX to match. SkinShrinker will also shorten the CMX’s filename, if necessary.

before and after graphic

SkinShrinker can also be used to edit the CMX and SKN files that accompany some objects.

BMP files are checked individually by name. Filenames are shortened and “.bmp” file extensions are added, if necessary.


SkinShrinker requires a PowerPC Macintosh running OS 8.6 or higher. CarbonLib 1.1 is necessary for those not running OS X.


SkinShrinker does not perform error checking for missing, unused, or incorrectly named files. You should inspect your skins before installing.

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SkinShrinker is copyright ©2002, Cherie Benoit.

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copyright ©2002, Cherie Benoit

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