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Use iff Taxi to take your favorite objects to all The Sims’ locales. You can categorize objects for use with Hot Date, Vacation, Unleashed, Superstar, and Makin’ Magic, as well as recategorizing items around your Sim’s home. Take advantage of the object subcategories which make your objects easier to find. Also, get around the “build mode bug” by recategorizing build mode items. Purchase iff Taxi to unlock its batch conversion capability and recategorize a huge collection of objects in several minutes instead of several hours.

using iff Taxi

Drag-and-drop object IFF files, FAR files, or folders into iff Taxi’s main window, and recategorize objects as easily as editing ID tags with iTunes. Highlight one or more items in the list box, choose settings in the edit window, and click “OK” to apply those edits to all your selected files. See more settings at a glance with the “view options” feature which lets you choose the columns you’d like shown in the list box.

iff Taxi's main window and view options

Want to create copies of your files for a backup? You don’t have to do it beforehand. iff Taxi’s Preferences are set to make copies as a default. Other preferences allow you to add a suffix to the converted file’s name and choose the folder in which you would like your backups files saved.

Be sure to read the documentation to learn about its features and to find some important tips. Just look under iff Taxi’s “Help” menu.

purchasing iff Taxi

iff Taxi is shareware priced at $5.00 US and can be purchased through bangsplat’s store or PayPal. Upon payment you will receive a serial number that will fully enable your copy iff Taxi. (PayPal purchasers will receive their serial number within 72 hours of ordering.) Version 1.8 is a free upgrade for registered users.


iff Taxi requires a PowerPC Macintosh running OS X or 9 (with CarbonLib 1.3.1 or higher).

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iff Taxi is copyright © Cherie Benoit.

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